Tuesday, September 17, 2013

ARTICLE 1349 - Vinod Dave Wins Multiple Fellowships

Above - pages from artist's current book arts project

Vinod Dave is the recipient of two prestigious fellowships simultaneously, one from Pollock-Krasner Foundation and another from Joan Mitchell Foundation for the year 2013. In fact, the real count is three including a grant small in size but substantial on its source - the illustrious HB Sudio of New York. The artist has done it again just a year from winning the Gottlieb grant for 2011/2012. (Read about his Gottlieb award HERE ) 

It is exceptional that the same artist gets awarded twice from the same foundation. Well, in his case, that has happened four times! Dave has won fellowships twice from each one of these foundations: Asian Cultural Council (formerly the Rockefeller 3rd Fund) in 1983 & 1984 (yes, two separate fellowships in two consecutive years!), the New York Foundation for the Arts in 1990 & 2002, Gottlieb Foundation in 1991 & 2011 & Pollock-Krasner Foundation in 1994 & 2013.

Above - images from artist's photographic body of work

Vinod has done a variety of work. Multifaceted interest and aptitude have made it possible for this artist to explore different avenues and create distinct bodies of work in many mediums and themes concurrently.  An unabashed curiosity and restless energy afford him to encompass a vast melting-pot of ideas as diverse as somber monochromy of personal/emotional abandon in the earliest work, disturbing sociopolitical violence of the news media based work of the second phase, complex & intricately detailed work based on divine references & three dimensional book arts of the third & forth phases. Additionally, there is a category that ( ”In Between Phases” ) shows  unexpected magical plays of architectural forms with unadorned simplicity,  candidly arrested fiery & vivid moments of vivacious life, even documentary approach.  A vast variety of justifying mediums & materials that go with this include oil, acrylics, graphite, crayons, watercolor, photography, moving images, sculpture, painting & drawing.

Shattering the dogma that artists are to endlessly walk a lone path producing work revolving within its limits for the sake of mere correlation, Vinod Dave establishes that ongoing variety is the new correlation.  And he establishes that with the stamp of approval from many of the illustrious art organizations of the world. Fellowships/grants are primarily awarded to recognize & stimulate the highest merit of artists’ work regardless of the market. The merit of whatever Vinod comes up commands almost instantaneous recognition from these institutions time after time. The history shows that they have honored him with endowment every single time to warrant their approval & this time around, twice at once.   Actually, it is thrice to respect the real count.

Below - images from artist's "Against Azure" series

More information & work can be viewed here on his blog

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